Third Grade Gallery

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Aboriginal Inspired Painting

Students learned about the Aboriginal culture and their art, especially the “dot” painting technique. Based on the dot paintings students made their own piece of work. First, they drew an animal either native to Australia, or an animal they have a strong connection to. Next, students cut out the silhouette of this animal and glued it to the center of a colorful paper. In concentric shapes outlining the animal the children made dot patterns of repeated colors to the edge of the page.


After learning about the work of Georgia O’Keeffe students made large flower drawings focusing on the differences of each petal and the many details they observed. Next, they covered their pencil lines with glue and outlined them with markers before painting the flowers with watercolor paints. Lastly, the background was painted with the opposite color family used in the flower.

Weavings & Worry Dolls

These woven bags were made on cardboard looms using a variety of weaving patterns. Some students attached a drawstring or strap to their weaving. Students learned about Worry Dolls from Guatemala and each of them made a worry doll to keep in their bag.

Graphic Mural

Students combine their graphic pattern drawings to make a class mural

Graphic Mural Pattern Drawings