Kindergarten Gallery

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Mirror Portraits

Using mirrors students made observational self-portraits. Each child carefuly added color to their work. The portrait was then attached to a larger paper shaped like a hand mirror which the children covered with patterns.

Water Lilies

Kindergartners learned about Claude Monet's water lily paintings. Using his work as inspiration the children used oil pastel and watercolors to paint the water of their compositions. The water lilies are made of cut paper and the flowers are colored coffee filters.

Wild Thing Creatures

Kindergarten students read the story “Where the Wild Things Are” by writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. The children were fascinated by Sendak’s highly detailed and imaginative illustrations of the Wild Thing creatures. They identified the details included in his work and “borrowed” them when they made their own Wild Thing Creatures. Each student made several creature drawings. First, they drew the creature with pencil focusing on drawing large and including as many details as they could manage. Second, the children traced the pencil lines with permanent marker. Next, they used tempera to paint their creatures. Lastly, the Wild Things were cut out and displayed together in a temporary mural in a way that makes them look as if they are interacting with one another.

Mural of Wild Things

Wassily Kandinsky

Mural Wassily KandinskyKindergarten students learned about the abstract paintings of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944). The children then made their own piece of art inspired by his bright paintings that so often included circles and floating orbs. Each child’s art was hung with the other children’s to create a small mural.

In this lesson students learned about placement, size variation, color, practiced gluing, cutting and following steps to accomplish a task.